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 About Us 

We are a group of professionals who have been acquiring for decades experience in different sectors and offer integrated professional services as lawyers, accountants, engineers and consultants to Italian and foreign companies. 


The idea 

We work in a scenario, in Italy, where competition is getting wilder, the debts recovery as well as access to credit more difficult and where the only alternative is often to find foreign markets. 


On the other hand relocating production or entering in an unknown market involves, let’s not deny it, risks. 

To meet the challenges they are called to face entrepreneurs need to adopt more efficient management structures and to rely on an unspecified number of external professionals. Alternatively they must have their own internal offices for each individual function, with often excessive, uncontrollable or preventable costs. 


KB ADV! SORS provides an integrated solution to address and resolve all the needs a  company has through its higly skilled professionals. From the legal to the tax expertise, from the labour expertise to the assistance in signing a contract, from the analysis of company management models to project management support for internationalization. This allows you to rationalize your expenses and have a single quilified contact, with certain, agreed and budgeted prices.

The activities are carried out by experienced professionals and properly enrolled in the respective professional bodies.

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