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Export to Russia 


In order to export your products in Russia, first of all we suggest you to do a market research about the products you want to export. We can help you with it. In 30 workdays you'll have a document that will be useful to your business in the future.


Market research in Russia, with a list of potential customers, partners or distributors for a product line 

    a) Contents of market research: 

        Volume and market segments; 

        Local and international players, competitors; 

        Customs clearance, certification, licensing; 

        Restrictions due to local regulations (if applicable); 

        Main distributors and typical chains of distribution; 

        Basic elements for collaboration with local distributors; 

        Industry associations and trade fairs, also in the regions; 

       Industrial Internet portals, mass media and dedicated journals; 

        Selling option via the Internet; 

        Seasons and holidays in Russia and their implications on sales; 

        Photographs of competitors' products, media campaigns, price level, etc. .; 

        List of up to 30 addresses of potential customers including data of a contact person 

    b) Conditions 

        Exact definition of the premises and of the conditions of the market research; 

        Discussion with the user of the content of the research;


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