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 Meet your clients / partners - come with us to Russia 


Russia is far away, but we will open you the doors of this great country. We organize trips, including visas, accommodation and meals in Russia and will settle appointments for you to meet your clients / partners. 


We have special agreements, both for purchasing airline tickets and for booking hotels in Russia. This means that we can find the most convenient and economical way to take advantage of the most beautiful structures in the centers of Russian major cities. 


Certainly we collaborate with institutions to facilitate the issuance of visas for your passport and take care of this task for you and your employees. We only work with the agencies recognized by visa consulates, in order to ensure speed and reliability in the attendance of the practices. 


We'll take care for you not only of the logistics of the trip, but we will fix meetings with those people waiting to buy your products and we bring you directly to the table with them. Once there we can give you support in dealings and negotiations, not only by means of people who speak Russian, but also through people who will tell you the thought of those who sit opposite to you. We use in the negotiations only people we trust, because we believe that entrusting your business to a translator who is not trusted or did not understand well your product, it can be dangerous to your sales. 


Our goal is to sell your product in Russia. Call us, and go down this road with us.


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